6 types of kids you see at drop-off

You must have read a feature or two on the different types of drop-off moms (or dads); today, the idea is to shine the limelight on the kiddos. Those tiny little creatures with a persona like no other: some miserable others jolly; some fresh as a daisy others looking as if they have the worst hangover ever. Walk into the primary section of a school one morning, armed with a keen eye and a sense of humor, and I promise you will be able to classify them into either of these categories.

Sleepyhead: The first kind and the one in majority are the sleepyheads. These drowsy little souls are everywhere and one can (mostly) see them yawning away to glory. Probably still struggling to get into any kind of sleep routine, these kids obviously find it hard to get up in the morning OR are up really early because they have a bus to catch. Needless to say, things would be way different if they were in China for example where apparently, teachers allow children to sleep in class for 20 minutes to learn better!

Super-charged: In complete contrast, there will be those whizzing past the corridor every morning, chasing friends up and down and/or cheerfully chatting at high-pitch sounds, completely oblivious to other sleepy, dreary children (and parents!) around. One might think these are the consequence of a sugar-loaded breakfast, which may partially be true; although factors like sufficient sleep, consistent routines and plenty of time for early morning snuggles have an important role to play in their ‘rise-and-shine-and-attack-the-day-with-enthusiasm’ kinda attitude.

Porter kids: A heavy school bag on the shoulder, a mini-lunch bag in one hand and a musical instrument in the other; I like to call them the porter kids. Seriously parents, not cool. With confirmed cases of spine deformity resulting from school bag weight, there are a number of ways in which you can reduce the load on your poor kids: get the right bag, arrange their books on a daily basis, clean out the clutter ever so often and teach them a lesson or two on posture. And if this doesn’t help, remember to pack an energy drink in that lunch bag of theirs!

VIP: More commonly a bunch of siblings from ultra well-to-do families, these kids come to school with an entourage of helpers; one carrying their luggage; the other stuffing breakfast down their throat. Right from the time they step out of the car till the kids reach their respective classrooms, they move as a herd. Exceptionally turned out at most school events, these friendly little kids are popular in class too; sharing their iPads and other expensive gadgets with everyone around.

Weepy: You know when most kids are settled in class already; with that one, odd child clinging on to his parent and crying miserably? This used to be my kid. And every time I managed to peel away from her, I would end up in tears myself. It’s not like these kids do not enjoy school, dealing with separation anxiety is more than they can handle. Tons of counseling, a consistent schedule and a fun good-bye routine generally helps them tide through this difficult phase. And if it’s any solace, once you have left them in the worthy hands of the teacher, they are back to their normal (rascal) self within 5 minutes of this meltdown.

Latecomer: Picture this: 1) a parent-child duo running frantically across the hall 2) bumping into every second person 3) uttering ‘excuse me’ and ‘sorry’ at the drop of a hat; and what you have is the quintessential latecomer. Irrespective of the season, the weather, the day of the week or month of the year, this duo is always late. The kid is the last to get dropped off, the last to get picked up and the poor mother is full of excuses for being late, one of them being the number of children in her tribe. Warnings don’t matter as far as these parents go; in all fairness, they probably hate being late yet are so good at it.

  Pic courtesy: www.lefunny.net



  1. Oh this is brilliant Priyanka! I think our children have fitted into each and every one of these categories – except the VIP one. There is no entourage of helpers in this family, just two parents and, if they happen to miss their breaky one morning, they will learn to get up earlier tomorrow!!! LOL

  2. Haha great post! I can’t wait to see which one my son will be. When I was young, I was definitely the VIP kid because my darling father would carry the insanely heavy bag for me till the gates. Except as soon as I entered school grounds, saying bye to my dad, I would be the Porter! haha!

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