1. Guilty when it comes to Mindful eating! My kids need technology to eat, and even though I am strict about no technology at any other time…unfortunately I use it to my benefit now to feed them their meals. Hope to be able to get them on the mindful path at mealtimes!

  2. What a brilliant article and such a great reminder of the benefits and importance of being present. One of the big things I am practising during this year I named To Just Be…

  3. Wow, very interesting read. I liked that you gave examples of how to be mindful with kids, and I guess a few of them I do without thinking or a few have been a thought out decision like not having digital distractions during meal times. Will try to incorporate more of it though. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. What a wonderful article Priyanka! I really like to read what different institutes are doing to increase mindfulness in children. Frankly I feel, kids are naturally mindful but it’s us who direct them towards things or so called life race! If we can remain mindful and stay connected to present, kids will learn to enjoy that just by observing us.

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