1. Geetu Navani

    Geeky parent, I’m SO glad that you’ve chosen to draw your readers’ attention to a very crucial topic-‘bullying’ and yes, you are absolutely right (sadly), in stating that it is prevalent even in a child’s early years at school. As caring adults and educators, we must ensure that we empower our children by providing them with opportunities to plug in with their developmental needs for purpose and positivity so that they are less likely to engage in anti social behavior such as bullying and haressment, and most importantly, there should be a partnership between the parent and a child’s respective school for any favorable change to occur.

    • Absolutely. I am always going to be on the lookout for episodes like these when it comes to my daughter. A lot of my research is based on subjects that affect me (or will do eventually) on a personal level. Thank you for being such a loyal reader!

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