1. Geetu

    Enjoyed reading about the myriad and creative ways in which these products can be used geeky parent. I’m a huge fan myself.
    Interesting read.

  2. Coconut oil is one of our most used not-so-secret ingredients in the house. Have you tried it as a soak in the bath ?. I haven’t ever thought to use coconut oil as a treatment in my little girls hair, thanks for the tip. She’ll definitely be on board when I tell her it will make her hair longer…LOL

  3. Fab article Priyanka! I use it everyday for cleansing & even as a make up remover and love it. When you have a bottle of coconut water, you can skip so many store bought products. For many years in my childhood my mum used coconut oil for my hair, after reading you article I think I should start that again.

  4. I’ve been reading and hearing a lot of good stuff about organic coconut oil. I even got one from a local store. Thank you for sharing your insights. I learned a lot from this. Great post! 🙂

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