1. Jo Phillipson

    A great helpful read esp for parents and caregivers! Will share this with my colleagues. Thanks and more power Geetu!

    • Geetu

      Thanks Jo for your positive feedback and I am happy to learn that you’d be sharing some of my thoughts on the subject with others in the early years profession.

    • Geetu

      Thanks Lavi! Appreciate your feedback. Since you work in Education and with young children, I reckoned it would be of huge interest to you. There are other, amazing posts written by Priyanka-the geeky parent behind this parenting blog that you should enjoy.

  2. Nimrita

    I loved that read! Thank you so much for sharing! You write beautifully and I love the subject matter of this particular article…It’s something that is so important and should be taken on board by parents and other members of families too!

  3. Usha kashmiri

    Good post# A really easy to understand explanation of empathy# totally agree it is important to model empathy whether in the classroom or homes and its implications will definately lead to a better society
    Looking fowsrd to seeing your scopes
    All the best

  4. Such an important post. I loved the point about not telling children how they feel; ‘you have no reason to be upset’- policing other people’s emotions and how they should feel is something we should never do and you’re so right in identifying that it begins as a child. This post in itself is beautifully empathetic- you are such a wonderful mother! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Geetu

    Truly appreciate your positive feedback, and the complimentary comments, Nayana. Thank you too, for taking the time out for this thoughtful note!

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