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Besides being a passionate blogger, I am a freelance writer for Gulf News in Dubai, UAE. I primarily write for their MyGuide magazine covering lifestyle, wellness and education related reviews.

Being engaged with them for the past 2 years, my scope of work has included several topics on children and parenting. And since these write-ups are so relevant to this blog of mine, I am taking the opportunity to share it with you.

This one’s for your bed-time reading. Hope you enjoy it.

Year 2016

Advanced Placement

What is Advanced Placement (AP). Relevance in high school. AP courses and exams. Benefits. AP in the UAE. Colleges in the UAE that recognize AP.

Dealing with fears

Age-related childhood fears. Types. Symptoms of anxiety in kids. Phobia. Role of a child psychotherapist. Dealing with fears.

Developing hobbies

What is a hobby? Mental stimulation in growing kids. Types of hobbies. Institutes in the UAE that promote the pursuing of hobbies. Hobby and career.

Year 2015

Game on

World of video games. Game development & designing – both as a hobby and career. Courses for video game development in the UAE. Internships. Career prospects in gaming.

School climate

School environment & culture. Types of environments. Benefits of a positive school climate for students, teachers, staff and parents. Assessing & enhancing the school climate.

STEM education

Study in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics. Benefits of STEM education. Impact on a student’s career. Our role and responsibilities. STEM in the UAE.

Developing Maths skills

Ways of developing Maths skills across ages – early years, middle school. Benefits for future life.

Art of storytelling

History of storytelling. Its advantages for kids. Tools for the storyteller.

Year 2014

Career counselling

The need for career counselling. Mediums. Benefits. Career counselling in the UAE.