1. I’m a working mother and not a SAHM and lately i passed in an impatient stage at certain situations.
    I felt bad and so guilty for words and acts i said and did with my daughter. Thanks God it passed but yes social media does this to you indeed.
    As a working mom, i try to use the time I arrive at home until my kids sleep just for them. Also Fridays and Saturdays are family days and away from social platforms (have some exceptions off course)

  2. Good post Priyanka… Good reminder, I hope things go well with you

    Like Haneen, I’m also a working mom of 3. I get home by 6pm and I make sure that time is dedicated until my kids are in bed and dreaming about something beautiful. 6-9pm is a no computer and no phone zone for me, on weekends I make sure their love tank is already full before I do something for the blog :-).

    I had to say no to a lot of things so I can say yes to what matters most, I always have to ask myself what are your priorities Candice?

    I don’t want to wake up one day when the kids are all grown and the only thing that they remember is the busy mommy in the computer or her phone.

  3. Geetu

    Through reading your post, Priyanka, you do seem to have achieved the right balance between real-life and internet/online time. We must banish our guilt as the two CAN exist in harmony. The very fact that you are ALWAYS there for your daughter, totally immersed in her life in every aspect-as I know you to do; also, as described in your post, I don’t see where the guilt arises from?! THIS IS your work, which is inevitably ONLINE! We are MATURE individuals…we are MUMS! I do like to believe, WE KNOW what we’re doing. So go ahead, guilt free, and continue to share the vital information, and the heartwarming tales that you so beautifully blog about, so that we may all learn. You’ve got it right, geekyparent-both as a MUM, AND as a blogger/writer.

  4. Can. TOTALLY. relate! You have nailed it with this one. Social Media is such a double edged sword and I am still struggling to learn how best to utilise it, without sinking into it too deep and never coming out of it! And with the constant additions and new social media platform releases, it makes it increasingly harder!!

  5. I miss those days when Facebook was still new and just to get in touch with school/college mates. There are way too many platforms now and it’s all a bit too much to handle especially as a mother!

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