1. Geetu

    I truly enjoyed your informative & balanced viewpoint on ‘milk’. Yes, the point is not to give up dairy and a cup or 2 of milk or it’s equivalent dairy is actually good for you. And for those who are lactose intolerant, there’s just so much in the form of dark leafy greens, and nuts and seeds to meet the necessary nutrient needs or even other sources of milk as mentioned in your post.
    Explicit, informative & comprehensive!!
    I look forward to many such posts. Way to go geekyparent!

  2. Tina

    Cows milk contains lot of hormones which actually end up making us woman get polysistic ovaries syndrome which leads to infertility and many other issues. My sons doc has advised to substitute cows milk with almond milk if possible after a while as many of the milk products available in the market are unsafe. I have been drinking milk my whole life and loved it but ever since I was diagnosed with PCOS I stopped dairy and drink only almond milk. There’s a lot of debate still on whether we humans really need cows milk

    • While this may be true, there are several other foods that we consume on a daily basis which are pumped and/or injected. Nevertheless, as long as you are fulfilling your body’s needs for calcium, protein and fat from other sources, the objective is achieved.

  3. I never like milk (any variety and any flavor) and even beg my husband to buy me calcium supplement than taking fresh milk when I was pregnant. I’m glad that my children didn’t inherit my dislike of milk but based on your infographic, they should be taking more than their usual one glass a day. Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Shea

    What a thought provoking post. I really enjoyed reading all this detailed information and especially loved the broken down summary at the end.

    We are a full fat milk drinking family with the occasional soy and almond milk thrown in. Glad to read we are on track! Phew!

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