Mum will fix it: Exhaustion

By virtue of Mother’s Day being round the corner, I’ve attended a lot of self-healing sessions lately. In today’s day and age, somehow the terms exhaustion, fatigue, tiredness and stress have become synonymous with motherhood. While I would never contest that as mothers our plates are always full; I’ve also come to realize that you can neither be a better parent nor spouse if you haven’t take care of yourself first. So, setting aside the more serious and time-consuming activities like yoga and meditation, here are 5 simple things that you can do to give you back your zing.

  1. Breakfast: By all means, have your coffee first thing in the morning, but make sure to follow it up with breakfast. Skipping breakfast is one of the biggest energy drainers. Each day need not be about smashed avocados on rye bread; something as simple as Greek yoghurt with granola would do just fine.
  2. Make a list: There’s something remotely satisfying about making a list, besides it being an excellent time-management tool. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with the multiple tasks in hand; putting them down on paper is probably the first step towards managing them better.
  3. Spend time with friends: This could be via a phone call, couple of chats on whatsapp or hanging around with them at the park while the kids play. They say: the number 1 reason to have mom friends is because no one quite understands you like another woman with kids.
  4. Indoor plants: With studies showing that spending time in nature reduces stress levels, why not bring nature indoors? Besides coming with obvious detoxification benefits, potted plants at home or the workplace can give an easy and almost instant boost of energy.
  5. Sleep: You know you’re a mom when you cram your day between the time your child goes to sleep and when you go to sleep – hilarious, true but precisely what you should avoid.

Make each day Mother’s day!


  1. Preeti

    Very well summarized……breakfast, list of things to-do,nature,friends and sleep……essentials for any woman to maintain sanity in the many overwhelming situations of everyday life.

  2. Happy belated Mothers Day to you lovely! Another thought provoking post, especially your last point, exactly what I am doing right now (and especially when Husband is away). Enough said – I’m off to bed ! ?

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