1. Very nice post! I was so blessed and never had infertility issues but I have seen my friends and cousin sisters face this! It’s painful to keep trying and never get results. I’m sure your friends book will be great for so many ladies to understand and relate to what they are going through ?

  2. Geetu

    What an uplifting story! Congratulations, Bali for you’re now the beautiful mother of these awesome ‘TWINS’!! And geekypriyanka, thank you for sharing this heartwarming story of courage and hope. The important takeaway here: “do not give up hope.”
    If Bali had not decided to be pro active with her decision to alter her fateful diagnosis, she would not have found herself in this current situation – a mum to her precious twins & MORE!

  3. Beautiful post, thank you. We struggled with infertility for 9 years including 5 IUIs, 5 IVFs, 2 miscarriages, numerous surgeries… but eventually were blessed with a beautiful boy. Talking about IVF is crucial to emotional health and the fertile world’s understanding. Thank you for sharing xx

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