1. Geetu

    Definitely, a huge NO from me!! I don’t even understand the term, ‘constructive spanking’ for the purpose of instilling discipline. Agreed a parent requires the patience of a saint to maintain a sense of discipline and sanity around unruly (if I may use the unfavorable term) children, but I recommend parents devote their energy on researching and conducting positive ways to discipline child. The key is to guide children in the early years through the process of developing an ‘inner discipline’.

  2. In my book, hitting is never the answer and I’m not ashamed to be judgemental about this. Every child is different, which means they need different approaches to discipline. I’ve never seen a child who didn’t respond positively to more love. But, as you said, we are imperfect. So, we need to work harder on ourselves to get rid of the spanking reaction.

  3. Paula

    Probably one of the most personal and controversial of parenting “techniques”, “tools”, “styles”? I don’t agree with spanking – we teach our kids to not hit others on the playground, at school etc when they are upset and unhappy and yet we do it! Do I sometimes spank my boys – like you the answer unfortunately is yes 🙁 We are all a work in progress!

  4. Thank you for bravely sharing your insights on this aspect of parenthood. As for me, I’m a believer of reinforcement rather than punishment. At a very young age of a child’s mind, it would be better to fill it with joyful rather than regretful moments. Just an honest feedback 🙂

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