1. Nice post Priyanka but trust me the ratings for all schools isn’t something you need to look at before putting your kids in that school which has outstanding or very good. Word of mouth definitely makes a lot of difference! I studied in Indian High School which is still outstanding but trust me I never liked that place much because they only focused on few kids who were gifted and the rest of the kids were left out. I hate schools that focus only on academics and not personality development. I haven’t put my son in that school for that very fact.

    • Thank you, Tina. I knew I was opening a can of worms here 🙂 In acknowledgement to personal experiences such as yours, at the end of the post I’ve stated that despite all the research that you do, sometimes the school just does not end up being the right fit for a child.

      • Haha ? Nothing against your post dear. Just that schools with great rating isn’t always the right choice. As you mentioned below, you’re right. It’s all our kids luck and gods grace

  2. Great post Priyanka!

    For my first child, distance and rating and curriculum were at the top of my list – especially distance as I had a newborn!

    Halfway through the year, we moved house and my son became a bus child. He loved it! What an adventure he thought. But I felt disconnected to the school and have since moved him closer to us.

    Rating was important to me but I think that is more relevant as the child gets older. In primary school, the important thing is that the children are allowed to learn through play and that their are enough resources at the school to make for a positive experience for everybody.

    • While the distance factor is so important to me, my daughter would love to be a bus child any day 🙂 Agree on the rating bit too – at the primary level, the biggest satisfaction is a happy child at pick-up time.

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